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Teams Sponsored:

Assasin Rugby Club

In 1967 Clint Evans conned Bob Rialland into a jog along Churchill Drive, one early June evening. Heading back home in front Rod Kachulak’s house they stopped to have look at a bunch of guys tackling without helmets. Bob thought they were nuts. Clint told Bob it was Rugby.

Lucania Football Club

Founded in 1971, The Winnipeg Lucania Soccer Club aims to become the most decorated amateur soccer club in the history in Canadian soccer. Lucania is the 2nd most winning club in the history of Canadian amateur soccer – as indicated by the Canadian Soccer Association! Affiliated with the Bonivital Soccer Club – one of Winnipeg’s largest youth soccer associations, creating arguably the most prominent Soccer Club in Canada! 2008 Objectives – continue to build on our history of success by capturing Lucania’s 12th MSA Cup, and 3rd National Championship title.