Paint Your Lips – How to Choose the Right Shade

Lipstick shades should blend your skin tone. Rosy and red colored lipsticks are best for ladies with fair or white skin. Brown and red shades look glamorous with olive skin tone. Meanwhile, orange and reddish brown lipsticks suit Asian skin and those with warm skin tone. Cool skin tone matches with pink or purple shade.

It’s not bad to try new lipstick shade other than the conventional stuff. Just be sure to pick a color closer to your natural skin tone. Take note that bright lipstick may appear dull hence it’s better to pick a contrasting color to enhance your looks. Don’t forget to apply lip blusher if you wish to wear bluish tone lipstick.

Let’s talk about lipstick texture. Texture varies from glossy sheer lipstick, translucent and creamy. Which one will likely work for you? Glossy sheer or satin colors make your lips look fuller and flabby. If you love to add a touch of lip dimension, try this one. Sheer lipstick often appears subdued under the light reflection hence it’s a good choice if you want to look natural. Otherwise, if you expect a tough day, try a creamy lipstick. It lasts longer than any lipstick type. Creamy textures are best for women with full lips to make them appear taut and firm.

After picking the right lipstick shade, you are now ready to paint your lips and probably want to know how to start a fashion blog. First, put an accent to your lip contours using thin application of lip foundation or concealer. Indeed, it brings the perfect shape of your lips even without lip liner. Also, apply a lip balm or gloss to hide unsightly lines and keeping your lips moist. A lip brush works miracle if you wish to express the spell out the word – sophisticated. Beauty experts recommend using lip liner to enhance the lip contour and avoid lipstick from scattering.

Lips and Shades

If your lips are large, you can wear dark or light shades with creamy textures. Avoid bright colors as these would enhance your lip size. Try to draw a lip outline 1 mm from around the lip edges to make your lips look thinner. Apply foundation on the edges to conceal the natural lip line then paint it with dark colors like red or chocolate. Ideal colors for large lips are maroon and brown. If you wish to try light shades, copper and pink are good too.

How about for small lips? Light colors add volume to the lips. If you wish to try glossy lipstick, try on those with pearly gloss. Using dark lipstick will make your lips appear thinner. Lip pencil can do the trick. Outline a new lip outside your natural edges but don’t go beyond 3mm then paint it. Use a lip liner. This will help you lips look larger. Besides that, lip liner can make your lipstick stay on a bit. Apply lip plumping gloss too. Shiny lips look fuller. Slather a bit of tinted colored plumping gloss.  Light pink, peach, metallic and light bronze are great picks for small lips.