A Family Friendly Gathering

There is nothing more fun than having a beer while hanging out with friends in our opinion and we are trying to make it better. We are now hosting a family friendly gathering and hope that everyone will stop by to have a good time among friends.

Join the Family Fun

We know that taking young ones to a pub is not always something you would consider doing. However, you can do just that when you attend our first ever family night. Adults are welcome to bring anyone that they want to. Men can bring their wives and their girlfriends to spend a night having fun together. Kids are welcome regardless of how close they are to adulthood. If you have a baby that isn’t quite walking age, our only suggestion would be that you bring your plus size baby carrier along with you to ensure that you and your little one can still enjoy all that we are going to have available.

Our Big Plans for Family Fun

We will have food, music, and fun for the entire family. Our music choices will be the traditional, storytelling songs or the instrumental dancing songs that Irish pubs are known for. Our live band will use flutes, clarinets, violins, and bagpipes to delight our guests all evening long. We invite and encourage you to get up and dance along or teach your children about the fast-paced fun style of dancing that we all know and love.

As for the food that will be available; we have a lot of the traditional favorites. This includes popular foods like Soda Bread, Irish stew, the favorite of Colcannon and Champ, shellfish, and even Irish Smoked Salmon. If you are in the mood for desert, we will have coffee cake, gooseberry tart, bread pudding, and chocolate cheesecake.

To heighten the entertainment, we will also have games to play that includes billiards, cribbage, darts, and dice games for you. To drink, you can expect to find all the most favorite pub drinks. Whether you want Irish whiskey or Irish coffee, we will have you covered. You can also have Guinness or tea if you prefer to keep it simple and since children are invited to attend, we will have access to other types of kid-friendly drinks.


Are You Ready for Fun Irish Pub Style?

We have put a lot of effort into creating a way for families to have fun. We are hoping that everyone will take advantage of it and show the world that we Irish do really know how to have a good time with our family. If a lot of people attend and it is as successful as we expect it to be; we will hope to plan more family nights in the near future and therefore we hope you will decide to give our family friendly gathering a chance.