Welcome to Dylan’s on Pembina.

Welcome to Dylan’s on Pembina. Dylan’s on Pembina is located at 1875 Pembina Highway, with lots of free parking. Come on in to enjoy Live Bands, 14 different beers on tap, pool, and lots of live events. We also host parties, fundraisers, and team events. Please take a look around to see what Dylan’s on Pembina has to offer!

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Must Have Bike Accessories

Giant Defy Advanced 1

A giant mountain bike is a perfect mate for every road trip. Giant, as the name is called is a large bike but does not really mean heavy. This bike is custom designed to sustain low center gravity along with a lower paddle feedback so you can move fast and easily. Many cyclists prefer giant mountain bikes for their durability and endurance on long travels and rough mountain trails. Over the last few decades, giant bike manufacturers have established its names not just locally but in the international level. One of the giant’s best seller bikes are the Giant Defy Advanced 1 models. Designed both for off-road and on-road perfectly blended with stiffness and precision.

It comes with the most recent Shimano Ultranegra 11-speed component and a giant P-SL1 wheel system plus the sturdy Swiss hubs weighing 1.775 kilograms. This bike is available in different colors and sizes. Choose from matte composite silver and black or matte blue, red and black in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes. It is one of the best hybrid bikes. Giant Defy Advanced 1 is available in leading Giant stores and distributors at $3,200.

Planet X N2a SRAM Red

It sounds like a wondrous place in the Star Wars movie, the Planet X is a reputable bike manufacturer that sells wide assortment of bikes and accessories. Planet X pioneers the most recent road bike technology for racing or commuting. Designed with a super swift aero N2a SRAM Red, Planet has produced the most revolutionary bike with a winning speed capacity.

Key features of this bike include high modulus carbon fiber and its oversized head tube. A truly complete package anyone can dream for an efficient bike performance. More than its incredible specs and features is the overall alluring design.

Looking closely to its specs, Planet X N2a SRAM comes with carbon road frame and fork and the latest SRAM red front and rear derailleur. Crank length differs with the bike size at 170, 172.5 and 175 millimeters.  N2A is built with ultra light CNC front and rear brake calipers. For detailed descriptions of other parts specifications, see as follows:

Total Number of Gears: 20

Bottle cage bosses: 2 sets on all available sizes

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR

Front and Rear Tire: Schwalbe Montello Tubular 700c

Wheels: Pro Carbon 50/50

Bar Tape: Comes in black or white anti-shock microfiber

Handlebars: Compact Lite 7050 Road Bar Strada

Price: $4000


Orbea BLi2

Orbea is probably one of the oldest bicycle-producing companies since 1930 . If you’re strolling around looking for Trekking, Mountaineering, and road bike, Orbea probably has one for you. This company sponsored teams and cyclists; it is worth to mention the USA Herring Gas team who has won so many races with the world’s top cyclists.

Specs and Components

The frame is an evolution carbon Orbea monocoque both electronic and mechanically compatible with tapered headtube. The fork is made of Orbea Orca Bronze and Shimano Ultranegra 34 by 50 CT crankset. BLI2comes with headset is an integrated FSA 1-1/8 to 1-1/, 3T Ergonova Alu handlebar, 3T Arx Oe Alu stem, Shimano Ultranegra shifters, brakes, derailleurs, chain and cassette.

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How to make your own website with WordPress

This website is powered by WordPress and it is a great tool for anyone who wants to make their own website. What exactly is WordPress by the way? WordPress is blogging software based on MySQL under a web hosting service. A good WordPress tutorial will surely help you learn the basics on how a simple blogger make money online. Sure enough, you won’t let a single hour wasted after reading the facts in this article.

Foremost, you need to get a domain name and web hosting services. For a brand new website with little traffic try the shared hosting at first to save money. Shared hosting does charge a bit but it’s definitely a lot cheaper than the managed hosting. You can always scale up as you need to handle more visitors. With a domain name and hosting, you are now ready to go. The next step would be installation of WordPress. Here’s what you will do:

1. Download the WordPress software from http://wordpress.org

2. Extract the WordPress zip file and upload it through FTP on your web hosting.

3. Open the browser and check the URL where you have the WordPress installed, the next steps will detail what you need to create a configuration file (called wp-config.php) which is needed to setup your website for the first time. Click the button  to create a Configuration File.

**Note**: Most webservers can successfully create the wp-config.php using the web interface, otherwise you will have to do it manually through a file manager. If this is the case you will need to fill-out the database information provided from your Web Host and save it in the wp-config.php.

4. The Next screen will give you a breakdown of configuration information you will need from your web host so obtain this information from your hosting company. Once ready click on “Lets Go.

5. Now you will be prompted to enter your database connection details.

  • Note for the database name, username, password and host along with the table prefix if you plan to work on 2 or more WordPress in one database.
  • The database name is the name of your database whereas the username and password refers to MySQL. Mostly, the database host is written as localhost.
  • Likewise, the table prefix is also set as “wp_”. However, you may need to change these if you have another database or if you plan to run multiple installations in a database.

Proceed by clicking the submit button. Then, click the submit button to continue with WordPress installation. If all your configuration information was correct you will see a message saying you are ready to run the installation, so click the button labeled “Run the Install”.

6. Now that WordPress is configured correctly, its time to start personalizing your website for your need. You will be asked for some additional information including site title which is  your preferred blog or website name.

  • Setup your username. By default, you can use admin but for security reasons this is really not advised, create something unique that no one else but you would know.
  • Choose a strong password and then be sure to enter a valid email address. In the event that you leave the password menu blank, the system will automatically generate it for you.
  • Do not forget to tick “Allow my site to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati”. This way, you will earn online presence. Click the final button labeled “Install WordPress”

7. If everything went well you will be a “Success!” page, horray, you have now successfully installed WordPress! By now, you will find the username and your chosen password. Log in to manage your WordPress.

WordPress installation is really easy but then you can always opt for better options to avail the 1-click installation offered by most web hosting companies. Examples of hosting companies offering WordPress Hosting are: WPEngine, Zippykid, Page.Ly. Meanwhile, Hostgator, Dreamhost and Bluehost companies offer shared hosting.

For a free WordPress tutorial with guided video guided that show you how to setup a 1-click WordPress installation visit http://buildyourwpsite.com

For queries about WordPress, please check the official WordPress page at http://wordpress.org/support or get information from http://codex.wordpress.org.


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A Brief Lesson on Pianos

Cristofori early inventions on instrument were made with thin strings and more quite than the modern piano, they are much louder and had more sustain than clavichord.

There are three Cristofori pianos:

  • 1720 which is in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
  • 1722 from the Museo degli Strumente Musicali in Rome
  • 1726 which is in Leipzig Germany
  • Years gone by before Cristofori’s invention had made public. Scipioe Maffie, an Italian journalist in 1709 had visited Cristofori, publishing drawings on the new designs two years later. Gottlieb Silbermann, an instrument builder built his own design after he saw the drawing of Cristofori. J.S Bach appraised and criticized Silbermann’s work that tends him to do some improvement in it, which he endorsed in 1740’s. In 1750’s and 60’s, political and economic problems occurred throughout Europe that limit the development of piano production and a lot of piano builders relocated to England where keyboard instrument building boomed. A separate and unique English style of action developed in 1766. There were two schools of piano making in the year 1780’s: the Viennese and the English school of piano making. The Viennese instruments are lighter, with light weight and simpler mechanism. Some composers were amazed by the Viennese “harpsichord with soft and loud” finding it increasingly responsive to player’s desires compared to accuracy required to play traditional harpsichord. The English method added weight to the sound through different methods. There were iron bars being added to the wooden framework so that strings could be made heavier.  Its actions designed for limited repetition while satisfying the needs for greater volume.

piano2Instrument builders in both schools continued to improve the mechanics and structures of their instruments from the year 1700’s to 1800’s. From there, came Sebastian Erard, a Parisian who invented the “double escapement” or repetition mechanism. His extraordinary idea came up to a point that the hummer hit the string again before the key returned to its original position. This was conceptualized and patented in the year 1821. Some composers are longing to attain more power and expressiveness through piano, so instrument builders were doing their best to improve the mechanics and structure of piano by producing more volume. The whole structure became stronger and heavier. Strings became heavier and with that, it added tension to the frame. Also iron bars were added to the wooden timbers of the cases.

In 1885, an early American piano maker named Alpheus Babcock invented a full cast iron plate for square piano. Jonas Chickering developed Babcock’s work with full iron frame for the grand piano. He opened his piano company in Boston in the year 1823. From that time on, the creation of piano had become fast. More shapes and sizes had been created and produced over the previous century like light, small, square, upright, trapezoidal, and rectangular boxes to winged type. Improvements of piano over the period of time eventually led clearly to the grand piano we are using today with their 88 keys. We are now enjoying the full rich sound and its best structural integrity and strength.

Steinway & Sons produced the first strung piano in the year 1859, and by around 1870 the piano was very similar to the piano of today. At last the instruments, composers and musicians had been waiting for is here. Since 1880, the piano had not change significantly in designs. In 1880, the middle class had arrived and the piano had been part of the household object. Pianos eventually became digital as was a much more cost efficient instrument. Not all electronic pianos are equal though so we highly recommend you to research digital piano reviews before making your purchase.

The player mechanism was one of the best developments of piano. In 1890’s, the piano was then popularized because of it was a pneumatic device with the notes stored in a rolled paper. Eventually another improvement came out in the year 1904. The piano was capable of recoding not only which note to play, but also all aspect of dynamic expression of performance.

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