Welcome to Dylan’s on Pembina.

Welcome to Dylan’s on Pembina. Dylan’s on Pembina is located at 1875 Pembina Highway, with lots of free parking. Come on in to enjoy Live Bands, 14 different beers on tap, pool, and lots of live events. We also host parties, fundraisers, and team events. Please take a look around to see what Dylan’s on Pembina has to offer!

Baby Wearing Allows You to Do More

One common dilemma for new parents is trying to figure out how to enjoy the life that they were living before baby after your new little bundle comes. It is one of those things that you will spend your entire pregnancy trying to plan. Your own parents will probably give you advice on how to cope with tiredness and cuddle time, chores and tell you how to do all the things you want to do. All those hints and tips cannot hold up once you get home from the hospital. Every new parent has to figure out a new way to live their life and it is an overnight change that you simply have to deal with. It begins with labor and ends 18 years later. The good news is; for all new parents, baby wearing allows you to do more during those first years when it seems that there are not enough hours in the day.

The First Months

When you have a newborn in the house, sleep and chores are two things that you may seem to miss out on. Baby wearing cannot help you get more sleep, but it can enable your little one to sleep so that you can do the things you need to do. It can make colic easier to deal with and your little one will have a lot less to cry about.

The Toddler Years

Once you have moved out of the infant stage, things will start to feel a little more normal and you may want to enjoy more of the things that you enjoyed before L&D. Baby wearing will let you venture out into the world. You will be able to go shopping with friends, have dinner out with your partner, lunch with friends, picnics in the park, and even concerts. Your rowdy toddler will be held close and you will not have to spend more time chasing them than enjoying your day out of the house.

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

You may not think about baby wearing as anything more than a way to comfort your child. However, studies have shown that there are many benefits to it as well. You can read more about this on http://babycarrierreviewguide.com for a more in depth look. The fact that you are carrying your infant and toddler gives them a sense of security. Infants and toddlers tend to get overwhelmed by activities. The carrier allows them to hide away when things get overwhelming. They will feel safe and secure, protected by you. They can bond with you, trust in you, and know that you have them. You will also feel a closer bond with your infant.

While you are holding them, you will be able to talk to them, kiss their forehead, nurse them, and more. The thing is; your hands will always be free. You are giving comfort and keeping your child close to heart, but your hands will be free for you to use for other things. Just imagine how much easier it will be to eat a dinner, read a story to your other children, or simply enjoy being a parent who is on top of everything.

A Family Friendly Gathering

There is nothing more fun than having a beer while hanging out with friends in our opinion and we are trying to make it better. We are now hosting a family friendly gathering and hope that everyone will stop by to have a good time among friends.

Join the Family Fun

We know that taking young ones to a pub is not always something you would consider doing. However, you can do just that when you attend our first ever family night. Adults are welcome to bring anyone that they want to. Men can bring their wives and their girlfriends to spend a night having fun together. Kids are welcome regardless of how close they are to adulthood. If you have a baby that isn’t quite walking age, our only suggestion would be that you bring your plus size baby carrier along with you to ensure that you and your little one can still enjoy all that we are going to have available.

Our Big Plans for Family Fun

We will have food, music, and fun for the entire family. Our music choices will be the traditional, storytelling songs or the instrumental dancing songs that Irish pubs are known for. Our live band will use flutes, clarinets, violins, and bagpipes to delight our guests all evening long. We invite and encourage you to get up and dance along or teach your children about the fast-paced fun style of dancing that we all know and love.

As for the food that will be available; we have a lot of the traditional favorites. This includes popular foods like Soda Bread, Irish stew, the favorite of Colcannon and Champ, shellfish, and even Irish Smoked Salmon. If you are in the mood for desert, we will have coffee cake, gooseberry tart, bread pudding, and chocolate cheesecake.

To heighten the entertainment, we will also have games to play that includes billiards, cribbage, darts, and dice games for you. To drink, you can expect to find all the most favorite pub drinks. Whether you want Irish whiskey or Irish coffee, we will have you covered. You can also have Guinness or tea if you prefer to keep it simple and since children are invited to attend, we will have access to other types of kid-friendly drinks.


Are You Ready for Fun Irish Pub Style?

We have put a lot of effort into creating a way for families to have fun. We are hoping that everyone will take advantage of it and show the world that we Irish do really know how to have a good time with our family. If a lot of people attend and it is as successful as we expect it to be; we will hope to plan more family nights in the near future and therefore we hope you will decide to give our family friendly gathering a chance.

Spring Time Concert Series

Everyone is excited when spring break comes. Well, who isn’t right? Are you wondering what new activities you and your family should be doing when spring arrives? There are a lot of things to choose from when spring time comes such as seeing concert series or just sitting on a patio of the bar with good friends plus cold beer. This is really something to look forward to.

Spring days are really warm and brightening. It can really improve your mood and your vibes. Spring is the time to plan and enjoy outdoor activities. It is a great time to spend more time with your loved ones and planning on what to do on spring days. You can also talk about goals and plans on how to refresh your home and garden.

But one of the most exciting parts about spring time is the concert series. You can just visit the nearest concert ground and sit with friends and just talk. Talk about anything you could ever think of.


When spring comes, start planning your itinerary on what concert to watch, or how you can enjoy the rest of the break. It is always better to be planning ahead of time and have a to-do list during this time. If you are not fond of going to concerts, then another good thing is to organize a party at your home with your friends or family. You can have a makeover, have a simple dinner, or have a house party, your call.

But for most people, the long wait is over. It would mean so much to other people to relax and listen to great and ambient music. People will really have the best spring experience in their life. Good music plus great DJ’s to boost your system with cold beer then you can really dance the night away.

Here are a few tips you need to bring when you attend a spring time concert series

  • Don’t forget to bring extra shirts
  • Drinks are a must
  • Camera Phone
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Just enough cash

Enjoy the scene and take a lot of pictures so that you can have a memorable spring time. When attending a spring time concert series, you will meet a lot fresh new faces and you get to spend more time with them and get to know each other.

As mentioned above, you can also check out the festivals in your area, during spring time there are many festivals and events around the place. All you have to do is search and find out what is happening around your local area or you can also prepare to travel with friends and enjoy the festivities.

So what are you planning to do when spring time comes? I hope this article has helped you decide on which activities to choose. Whatever you choose, being with family and friends is the best thing to do when spring comes. Nothing beats spending time with your loved ones.


Paint Your Lips – How to Choose the Right Shade

Lipstick shades should blend your skin tone. Rosy and red colored lipsticks are best for ladies with fair or white skin. Brown and red shades look glamorous with olive skin tone. Meanwhile, orange and reddish brown lipsticks suit Asian skin and those with warm skin tone. Cool skin tone matches with pink or purple shade.

It’s not bad to try new lipstick shade other than the conventional stuff. Just be sure to pick a color closer to your natural skin tone. Take note that bright lipstick may appear dull hence it’s better to pick a contrasting color to enhance your looks. Don’t forget to apply lip blusher if you wish to wear bluish tone lipstick.

Let’s talk about lipstick texture. Texture varies from glossy sheer lipstick, translucent and creamy. Which one will likely work for you? Glossy sheer or satin colors make your lips look fuller and flabby. If you love to add a touch of lip dimension, try this one. Sheer lipstick often appears subdued under the light reflection hence it’s a good choice if you want to look natural. Otherwise, if you expect a tough day, try a creamy lipstick. It lasts longer than any lipstick type. Creamy textures are best for women with full lips to make them appear taut and firm.

After picking the right lipstick shade, you are now ready to paint your lips and probably want to know how to start a fashion blog. First, put an accent to your lip contours using thin application of lip foundation or concealer. Indeed, it brings the perfect shape of your lips even without lip liner. Also, apply a lip balm or gloss to hide unsightly lines and keeping your lips moist. A lip brush works miracle if you wish to express the spell out the word – sophisticated. Beauty experts recommend using lip liner to enhance the lip contour and avoid lipstick from scattering.

Lips and Shades

If your lips are large, you can wear dark or light shades with creamy textures. Avoid bright colors as these would enhance your lip size. Try to draw a lip outline 1 mm from around the lip edges to make your lips look thinner. Apply foundation on the edges to conceal the natural lip line then paint it with dark colors like red or chocolate. Ideal colors for large lips are maroon and brown. If you wish to try light shades, copper and pink are good too.

How about for small lips? Light colors add volume to the lips. If you wish to try glossy lipstick, try on those with pearly gloss. Using dark lipstick will make your lips appear thinner. Lip pencil can do the trick. Outline a new lip outside your natural edges but don’t go beyond 3mm then paint it. Use a lip liner. This will help you lips look larger. Besides that, lip liner can make your lipstick stay on a bit. Apply lip plumping gloss too. Shiny lips look fuller. Slather a bit of tinted colored plumping gloss.  Light pink, peach, metallic and light bronze are great picks for small lips.

How to Have an Awesome Day on the Boat

Growing up in a coastal town, spending a day on the boat was just another day for me. Every weekend, we would load up coolers with food and beer and spend the entire day basking in the sun. Some people ask if it ever gets old, and my answer is always “absolutely not”. Every day is different, whether it’s relaxing and swimming at the springs or a full day of water skiing. There is so much fun to be had on the boat, if you know how to. Are you looking for ways to spice up your next boating trip? Or perhaps trying to figure out how to keep everyone happy? Check out some of the following ideas that guarantee everyone will have a blast next go ‘round.

Bring Plenty of Food and Drinks

There is something about being on the boat all day that gives you the munchies. Be prepared by bringing plenty of food and drinks. We always pick up subs from Subway that can be eaten throughout the day. Cheese and crackers or a fruit bowl make for convenient snacking. Drinks are also extremely important. And by drinks I mean water. It’s easy to get dehydrated being in the sun all day, so make sure everyone stays hydrated. Beer and wine coolers are optional.


This should be your number one priority. Make sure everyone loads up on sunscreen. Not only do you want to avoid being one of those lobsters with blistering sunburn at the end of the day, but skin cancer is very real and very bad. Reapply throughout the day, especially after swimming. Don’t forget your nose, lips and ears!

Take All Safety Precautions

Make sure you are prepared with all safety equipment on your boat before departing the docks. This includes flotation devices and life jackets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, a marine radio, whistle and visual distress signals.

Bring a Raft(s)

If you’re idea of a nice day on the boat means relaxing, make sure to bring a raft along, preferably one that can hold one of those wine coolers. Park the boat, tie a rope from the raft to the boat and let the sunbathing begin.


Nothing completes a day on the boat better than some good tunes. Make a boating playlist on your iPod or Smartphone and bring along a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You will probably be the most popular boat on the water. Just don’t be that obnoxious person blaring Lil Wayne’s unedited album with young kids swimming nearby.

Water Sports

If you are an adventure seeker, why not try your hand at some water sports?

  • Tubing: tubing is fun for the whole family, even those that are less of the adventurous type. Tie a tube to the back of the boat, be sure to wear a life jacket, and take a cruise around. It’s good to establish hand signs with the driver for “faster”, “slower”, or even “stop”.
  • Water skiing: this is a classic water sport that people of all ages can enjoy, although it does require a fair amount of upper body strength and endurance. Just make sure the boat is a safe distance away from other boats, docks, etc and that the water is deep enough. The skier should always wear a life jacket.
  • Wakeboarding: wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing and usually take a good amount of skill to master. The same precautions as mentioned for water skiing should be taken.
  • Water trampolining: Water trampolines are a great deal of fun for everyone, and do not require any skill. This is especially great for entertaining the kids while you can keep an eye on them while relaxing in your raft. While the best trampolines for water may be a bit of an investment, they are well worth the price. The Rave Sports Aqua Jump is tons of fun.


Must Have Bike Accessories

Giant Defy Advanced 1

A giant mountain bike is a perfect mate for every road trip. Giant, as the name is called is a large bike but does not really mean heavy. This bike is custom designed to sustain low center gravity along with a lower paddle feedback so you can move fast and easily. Many cyclists prefer giant mountain bikes for their durability and endurance on long travels and rough mountain trails. Over the last few decades, giant bike manufacturers have established its names not just locally but in the international level. One of the giant’s best seller bikes are the Giant Defy Advanced 1 models. Designed both for off-road and on-road perfectly blended with stiffness and precision.

It comes with the most recent Shimano Ultranegra 11-speed component and a giant P-SL1 wheel system plus the sturdy Swiss hubs weighing 1.775 kilograms. This bike is available in different colors and sizes. Choose from matte composite silver and black or matte blue, red and black in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes. It is one of the best hybrid bikes. Giant Defy Advanced 1 is available in leading Giant stores and distributors at $3,200.

Planet X N2a SRAM Red

It sounds like a wondrous place in the Star Wars movie, the Planet X is a reputable bike manufacturer that sells wide assortment of bikes and accessories. Planet X pioneers the most recent road bike technology for racing or commuting. Designed with a super swift aero N2a SRAM Red, Planet has produced the most revolutionary bike with a winning speed capacity.

Key features of this bike include high modulus carbon fiber and its oversized head tube. A truly complete package anyone can dream for an efficient bike performance. More than its incredible specs and features is the overall alluring design.

Looking closely to its specs, Planet X N2a SRAM comes with carbon road frame and fork and the latest SRAM red front and rear derailleur. Crank length differs with the bike size at 170, 172.5 and 175 millimeters.  N2A is built with ultra light CNC front and rear brake calipers. For detailed descriptions of other parts specifications, see as follows:

Total Number of Gears: 20

Bottle cage bosses: 2 sets on all available sizes

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR

Front and Rear Tire: Schwalbe Montello Tubular 700c

Wheels: Pro Carbon 50/50

Bar Tape: Comes in black or white anti-shock microfiber

Handlebars: Compact Lite 7050 Road Bar Strada

Price: $4000


Orbea BLi2

Orbea is probably one of the oldest bicycle-producing companies since 1930 . If you’re strolling around looking for Trekking, Mountaineering, and road bike, Orbea probably has one for you. This company sponsored teams and cyclists; it is worth to mention the USA Herring Gas team who has won so many races with the world’s top cyclists.

Specs and Components

The frame is an evolution carbon Orbea monocoque both electronic and mechanically compatible with tapered headtube. The fork is made of Orbea Orca Bronze and Shimano Ultranegra 34 by 50 CT crankset. BLI2comes with headset is an integrated FSA 1-1/8 to 1-1/, 3T Ergonova Alu handlebar, 3T Arx Oe Alu stem, Shimano Ultranegra shifters, brakes, derailleurs, chain and cassette.

A Brief Lesson on Pianos

Cristofori early inventions on instrument were made with thin strings and more quite than the modern piano, they are much louder and had more sustain than clavichord.

There are three Cristofori pianos:

  • 1720 which is in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
  • 1722 from the Museo degli Strumente Musicali in Rome
  • 1726 which is in Leipzig Germany
  • Years gone by before Cristofori’s invention had made public. Scipioe Maffie, an Italian journalist in 1709 had visited Cristofori, publishing drawings on the new designs two years later. Gottlieb Silbermann, an instrument builder built his own design after he saw the drawing of Cristofori. J.S Bach appraised and criticized Silbermann’s work that tends him to do some improvement in it, which he endorsed in 1740’s. In 1750’s and 60’s, political and economic problems occurred throughout Europe that limit the development of piano production and a lot of piano builders relocated to England where keyboard instrument building boomed. A separate and unique English style of action developed in 1766. There were two schools of piano making in the year 1780’s: the Viennese and the English school of piano making. The Viennese instruments are lighter, with light weight and simpler mechanism. Some composers were amazed by the Viennese “harpsichord with soft and loud” finding it increasingly responsive to player’s desires compared to accuracy required to play traditional harpsichord. The English method added weight to the sound through different methods. There were iron bars being added to the wooden framework so that strings could be made heavier.  Its actions designed for limited repetition while satisfying the needs for greater volume.

piano2Instrument builders in both schools continued to improve the mechanics and structures of their instruments from the year 1700’s to 1800’s. From there, came Sebastian Erard, a Parisian who invented the “double escapement” or repetition mechanism. His extraordinary idea came up to a point that the hummer hit the string again before the key returned to its original position. This was conceptualized and patented in the year 1821. Some composers are longing to attain more power and expressiveness through piano, so instrument builders were doing their best to improve the mechanics and structure of piano by producing more volume. The whole structure became stronger and heavier. Strings became heavier and with that, it added tension to the frame. Also iron bars were added to the wooden timbers of the cases.

In 1885, an early American piano maker named Alpheus Babcock invented a full cast iron plate for square piano. Jonas Chickering developed Babcock’s work with full iron frame for the grand piano. He opened his piano company in Boston in the year 1823. From that time on, the creation of piano had become fast. More shapes and sizes had been created and produced over the previous century like light, small, square, upright, trapezoidal, and rectangular boxes to winged type. Improvements of piano over the period of time eventually led clearly to the grand piano we are using today with their 88 keys. We are now enjoying the full rich sound and its best structural integrity and strength.

Steinway & Sons produced the first strung piano in the year 1859, and by around 1870 the piano was very similar to the piano of today. At last the instruments, composers and musicians had been waiting for is here. Since 1880, the piano had not change significantly in designs. In 1880, the middle class had arrived and the piano had been part of the household object. Pianos eventually became digital as was a much more cost efficient instrument. Not all electronic pianos are equal though so we highly recommend you to research digital piano reviews before making your purchase.

The player mechanism was one of the best developments of piano. In 1890’s, the piano was then popularized because of it was a pneumatic device with the notes stored in a rolled paper. Eventually another improvement came out in the year 1904. The piano was capable of recoding not only which note to play, but also all aspect of dynamic expression of performance.